Christopher Seufert


South Chatham, United States

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Εγγεγραμμένος από: December 2, 2006


Please credit all images ©Christopher Seufert Photography. Links to are also welcome and I would love to hear about your use so that I can promote your site on my end too. Christopher Seufert operates a studio and gallery in Chatham, MA specializing in architectural, portrait, aerial, lifestyle/fashion, and landscape photography. He has a background in journalism, film, and both traditional and digital photography. He also runs Mooncusser Films, based on Cape Cod. He is an award-winning producer/director specializing in documentaries, educational films, music video, and corporate/promotional projects. Most recently he has been in production with musician Suzanne Vega, journalist Walter Cronkite, actress Julie Harris, filmmaker Albert Maysles, and the late illustrator Edward Gorey.
Both traditional film and state of the art digital cameras.
Αγαπημένα θέματα:
Cape Cod / New England / Fishing Industry

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