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Lincoln, United States

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Εγγεγραμμένος από: April 18, 2012


I first became interested in photography at age twelve. Back then, I worked with what today is a medium format camera: a Ciroflex using 120 black and white film which I processed in a plastic tank and printed contacts on a "print box." A year later, I graduated to my first enlarger and my first 35mm camera. As I became more proficient, my equipment was upgraded. Many, many hours were spent in the darkroom. However, when I went to school and then became a young adult moving frequently, maintaining a darkroom became near impossible. Though from time to time, I was able to establish a working space, I no longer could just shoot and later, crop, dodge and burn. I was forced to shoot full frame; to use the entire area of the film. This was immensely helpful as it forced a conscious of composition; of considering everything in the viewfinder. Computers, Photoshop and desktop printing have allowed me to return to the darkroom - the digital darkroom where I cannot only crop, dodge and burn, but remake the image entirely. However, I prefer to remain true to the pure image, though I'm not afraid to experiment from time to time with intriguing results. The images I produce today are digitally based. Digital images are shot with a Nikon D70 and number of different point-and-shoot cameras, and my cell phone. Prints are made on archival Epson and Ilford papers using a Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II. The prints are then matted using Crescent Museum Rag board, an acid-free archival material. Many of my images reflect time spent each summer on the island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. However, there are images of Boston, NYC and St. Louis. I consider my work eclectic and will shoot whatever my eye finds intriguing, whether it is a classic image, a slice of the commonplace, or an odd angle that disguises or distorts.

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