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Nikki Phillips


San Francisco, United States

16 αρχεία

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Εγγεγραμμένος από: December 29, 2015


I have spent my life pursuing the arts. Graphic design, classical arts, writing creatively and technically, art has always been my passion. As a highly creative and eclectic individual who enjoys new challenges, mediums I use change with my mood, incorporating a variety of styles to create each piece. For years, I've lived below poverty level, but I always find a way to make art. It keeps me sane. Crafting and selling what I could, or just drawing, or writing, for the stress relief kept me going. We're living in a residential hotel now, where I spend most of my time creating. With the support of my husband, and my passion for artistic expression, I've worked through severe depression and PTSD, building myself up to join the world, learn new things, and participate in public activities. Born in Seattle in 1972, I spent my childhood in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. My husband and I moved to San Francisco in 2001 to start a new life. Homeless for quite a while, living on Ocean Beach, homeless, but happy. When my mother passed away, I had to process my grief on top of my other struggles, and decided that art was the best way to deal with it. It was always mom's wish that I do something with my art. I chose to honor her by challenging myself, using mediums I'm unfamiliar with, to find my artistic voice in as many ways as possible. The beauty I see in the world shining through the darker parts of my existence is the art I strive to create.
Nikon D3300
Αγαπημένα θέματα:
Roses, still life, and city shots.

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