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thanks again guys and exactly Amitai - so we might be the smart ones :)

αναρτήθηκε την Aren't we blessed???

congrats to your nice portfolio! I also love travelling and when then taking photos of these places and your right - it sometimes takes a while till some of those photos get sold, but at the end they do - some of them quite often :)

αναρτήθηκε την A Dream(stime) come true

congatulations to your milestone! I just love the view on the Victoria Falls - Amazing place really impressive

αναρτήθηκε την Thanks Africa - 1000 sales!


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Photography is my passion - with my photos I want to show people how I see the world. Many thanks for your interest in my work!

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January 18, 2011
Canon 1DS MII; Canon 100D, Canon lenses, Nikon Coolpix A for the jacket pocket - also used for tests the Sigma DP1 and DP3 Merrill, before different Sony camera lenses with Minolta lenses and Canon cameras
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Nature - Landscape - City - Details
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